The Growing Requirement of NEMT Services

Access to healthcare is a fundamental right. But Americans are struggling to get it because they can’t get to the hospital or doctor’s office. Non-emergency medical transportation services (NEMT) save lives by keeping people out of economic gridlock and giving them the chance to access healthcare.

Getting to a medical appointment can be stressful, especially if you have to travel to see your physician. Even if you have access to a personal car, the cost of gas, parking, and tolls can quickly add up. If you are low-income and don’t have the means to afford transportation or if you are unable to drive yourself due to physical limitations or because of your age, then you may use NEMT.

In the United States, there has been a growing population of elderly who suffer from chronic illnesses and can’t travel on their own to get medical care. Luckily, the number of NEMT services increases year after year. At a fraction of the cost, certified drivers with special vehicles offer safe and comfortable transport for those in need of non emergency medical transportation.